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Cloud based Product Development & Digital Transformation

The pace of change in digital transformation is exponential. There are new ways to engage with customers, more innovation in the workforce and more opportunities to harness data insights are just a few of the benefits that digital transformation brings.

Through building a digital process at an early stage and integrating the wider organisation with technology, businesses stay ahead of the curve and make themselves more available to future partners. Internal processes can become more efficient and flexible, with the ability to scale as the business grows.

  • Digital Transformation

    We help in replacing the manual processes with digital processes nnd help in the adoption of digitial technology.

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  • Proof of Concept

    Dynamic solutions in building your startup idea with latest technologies.

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  • Robotic Process Automation

    RPA offers the ability to change business processes quite quickly, as opposed to taking a holistic enterprise wide-approach, that could take a lot of time and a lot of money to achieve

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  • Internet of Things

    We help your business to constantly monitor your operations in a secure, well-built infrastructure.

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Product Suite


Naksh.AI provides reliable 3D liveness detection and facial recognition APIs along with our AI enabled OCR system to help you automate your KYC onboarding process.

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Payvoltz is a free IOT enabled Electronic vehicle driver's app allowing users to find charging stations, leave reviews, and connect with other plug-in vehicle owners.

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Farsight is a Crowd management system that helps you to manage crowd using computer vision that comes with the social distance enforcement add-on helps you to fight the corona virus disease.

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What we do?

Virtual Assisstant and Chatbot

Give customers a conversational experience they'll remember—and come back for. Explore how chatbot can help bring a conversational approach to every step of the customer journey

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Make your business processes highly secure, transparent, scalable, and globally accessible

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Artificial Intelligence

Use machine learning, deep learning, Natural Language Processing to automate any operation, gain insights from Big Data, ensure fail-safe decisions of your business, and more.

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Intelligent Document Processing

Automate your data extraction and read large volumes of documents without human intervention with our inhouse ML based product Naksh.AI

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Big Data & Data Analytics

We gather your business data to help your overall business to streamline operations and improve business decision-making.

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Data Visualization

We provide impactful BI solutions to different domains leading companies to get impactful insight out of their data.

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How we do?

Enterprise Application Development

Expertise in enterprise software development, API integration, modernising legacy systems and more.

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Mobile Application Development

Our team expertise in mobile app development will help you succeed with your mobile strategy.

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Cloud Computing

Use our expertise in enterprise application development to move your mobile strategy to the cloud.

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